Posted: 7th November 2017

Act on customer complaints – turn your customers into raving fans!

How to handle customer complaints

Customer complaints should be seen as an opportunity to turn a bad customer experience into a positive outcome, leaving disgruntled customers with the feeling that everything has been put right whilst simultaneously helping to increase customer loyalty.

Everyone can relay a personal experience which reflects both ends of the spectrum: one where an organisation went that extra mile to resolve a complaint, versus an unhappy and unsatisfactory response which left you planning to defect to the competition.

Here are three ways to turn a negative comment into a positive and turn your customers into your number 1 fans!  customers raving fans

Ask customers why they answered the way they did

You can learn a lot from your defectors. After a respondent complains, follow up and ask why they answered the way they did and ask how your product or service could be improved for next time. A surprising number of respondents will be happy to expand on the reasons. This allows for more insight and a deeper analysis of what and how to improve and ultimately helps to reduce customer churn.

Following up can help you turn a would-be dissatisfied customer into a customer who feels valued. It may also help you pinpoint customers who are leaning toward dissatisfaction but are still open to having their minds changed.

Respond to risk but don’t neglect opportunity

You should be asking your loyal customers why they love you so much and what they like most about your goods/services. Determining what makes you unique in the eyes of the customer means you can work to establish best operating practices and where to apply business improvements. Loyal customers will be much more likely to provide an honest answer and in turn, you are making them feel extremely valued.

Listen to your customers

It’s as simple as that. This is where your customer service team comes in. Your customer service team are your front line and have a huge impact on your organisation’s relationship with the customer. A positive dialogue between the customer and your organisation when things do go wrong will create a level of trust and appreciation. Also, once you’ve made an improvement as a result of a complaint, make sure you tell the customers. You want them to know that they come first.


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