Posted: 18th December 2017

Best places to work in the UK according to employees

How do you decide where the best place to work is? Ask its employees.

Every year, careers site Glassdoor releases a list of the best places to work. Now in its tenth edition, the ranking includes companies with more than 1,000 employees, and it’s based on anonymous employee reviews. Organisations were ranked based on employee ratings across several factors including satisfaction levels, career opportunities and business outlook.

It could be said that this is an ultimate list of companies who ensure their employees are engaged. Let’s take a look at the top three for 2018 and why their strategies are important in benefiting the Customer Experience.

Tech giant Google takes the top spot because of many factors including incentives, benefits, the company’s reputation and the culture. Employees complimented Google for its sharing culture where everyone in different departments works collaboratively. The ability to come together and share customer feedback data is very important for Customer Experience. When customer obsession is an organisation-wide priority, and CX data flows throughout the business, the Customer Experience vision is shared and is aligned overall.


Runner-up is Anglian Water for putting their employees at the centre of everything they do. One employee commented, “The company is very focused on customer service and people and is continually driving change which makes it an exciting place to be. Something I really admire is that our CEO Peter Simpson really does listen to people’s opinions and ideas no matter your position in the company”. This is crucial to incorporate into any Customer Experience strategy: listen to your employees. They are your front line and interact with customers every day. They can provide useful insight into the ways to improve Customer Experience.


In third place is Bromford, a large organisation proving new and affordable homes, for its innovative thinking. Bromford’s mission statement is for customers to be the best they can be, and this certainly seems to apply to their employees also; there’s a plethora of support and tools available to allow the company’s workforce to do the best job they can and continuously progress. This point here comes down to giving employees control of their own outcomes in customer experience terms. It’s impossible to have a seamless end-to-end brand experience if your employees don’t have a customer-centric mindset and don’t have the motivation to keep customers happy; by supplying a strong support network, you can ensure they are motivated and focused.

Facebook came fourth for constant employee drive and vision and Salesforce fifth for the organisations’ innovative flair and job flexibility.

This list by Glassdoor is very encouraging for the UK just weeks after a report revealed CX has dropped across the country for the year. These winners are an example to many organisations for 2018 for ways to better its Customer Experience strategy and achieve overall objectives.

TOP TIP: Companies that don’t have employee engagement at the top of the priority list will have a hard time pushing the CX agenda forward. When it comes to Customer Experience, keeping customers happy and keeping your employees engaged are two sides of the same coin. Ultimately, engaged employees mean engaged customers.

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