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    Customer Experience: The 5 love languages

    Posted: 14th February 2018

    The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman explores how different people experience, express, and receive love. The original concept dealt with personal relationships, but customers have their own five love languages, too – all of which enhance the Customer Experience.

  • customer experience love

    Customers help spread the love

    Posted: 12th February 2018

    Customer service professionals could be forgiven for thinking that their efforts to ensure top-quality assistance go largely unnoticed; we tend to assume bad experiences have a more lasting impact on customers, and that a good customer experience is quickly forgotten. However, new research shows that customers are just as likely to share a positive experience as a negative one.

  • CX statistics

    Statistical insight on the impact of Customer Experience

    Posted: 5th February 2018

    Why does your organisation need an effective customer experience programme?

    Here’s a collection of some interesting statistics for insight on how Customer Experience really impacts your organisation.

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    A third of consumers would rather clean a toilet than talk to customer service

    Posted: 2nd February 2018

    An interesting study conducted by Aspect in 2017 revealed that amongst the 1,000 American consumers surveyed, nearly a third would rather clean a toilet than talk to customer service.

  • Amazon go customer experience

    Amazon Go store: let’s talk about Customer Experience

    Posted: 29th January 2018

    Last week, Amazon opened its doors to the first ever cashier-less grocery store in Seattle, Washington, ushering in a decidedly new era in customer service. The store, Amazon Go, boasts a streamline approach to the shopping experience, allowing the customer to grab items and walk out of the store without having to stand in a line.

    But what does Amazon Go mean for the customer experience?