• market research customer experience

    The Value of Market Research

    Any business decisions to spend money to gain sales should always be based on precise information about how a particular set of customers and prospects behave and how they make their buying decisions.

  • Customer Experience for marketers

    How can Marketers improve the Customer Experience?

    In 2015, Forbes’s wrote that “customers equate brands with experiences”. Three years later there is no debate about this fact – marketers know how imperative CX is to their objectives.

  • Relationship centric is the new customer centric

    There’s a lot of talk about becoming customer centric, but no one is talking about organisations becoming relationship centric. If you understand your customers, what role do you play in their journey? If you understand customer behaviours and attitudes, how can you be there before they even know they need you?

  • ROI with customer experience

    4 ways to increase ROI with Customer Experience

    Bad experiences cost company’s money. A lot of money.

  • Transformational Customer Experience: The CEO’s role

    Whilst 72% of major organisations are reporting their customer satisfaction at board-level, the global cost of poor service continues to rise. This means many organisations are stuck being a caterpillar.  The organisations who are getting it right by listening and using customer feedback to fundamentally change their business are reaping the rewards. These companies are the butterflies.