Posted: 14th May 2018

Cost centre or profit driver? Customer Experience and ROI

Customer Experience

Last year’s webinar we held revealed that over 98% considered themselves to be “under pressure” to demonstrate ROI from their customer experience programme.

This is hardly surprising considering that some 90% of organisations still view CX programmes as a cost to the business, rather than a driver of profit.

Nevertheless, for those who are willing to commit to customer experience management, demonstrable ROI is not only achievable – in today’s customer-driven marketplace, it is necessary.


Well firstly, get into the mindset that business decisions should begin and end with the customer. By ensuring that the customer’s voice is heard in the boardroom, a cohesive and impactful customer experience programme can be established.

Everyone from the executive team through to the front line must understand their role in ensuring that customer feedback is not simply used to fix faults, but fuels competitive advantage and an unbreakable connection to customers. Those that do are reaping the rewards in terms of customer advocacy, loyalty and spend.

Don’t let your competitors overtake you in the customer experience race.

In today’s era of increasing customer churn, where price differentiation is no longer sustainable and customers’ expectations have shifted, customer experience has become the new battleground. Organisations must put emphasis on differentiating themselves from their competition by providing superior customer service. Download our paper to discover how to compete on Customer Experience and increase ROI.

Join the 15% benefiting from sustainable profits from succeeding in Customer Experience.

It is time for CX programmes to evolve from a cost centre to a profit driver. Programmes that continue to superficially commit to putting customers at the centre of business operations are unlikely to achieve game changing ROI, with implications for growth and competitive positioning. Download our popular paper to find out how organisations are increasing ROI through intelligent customer experience.

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