Posted: 12th January 2018

Our customer experience analytics and reporting software

We are very happy to show you all our brand new video introducing Syngro Eye, a world-leading customer intelligence platform enabling businesses to put customers at the centre of everything they do.

Our omni-channel platform offers a range of customer experience specific analytics, performance management and self-service reporting functions that can be overlaid with your businesses financial, operational or other data to identify crucial relationships. With the ability to create, configure and share powerful insights across your entire company in a matter of minutes, you can be confident in ensuring that you are driving forward.

At Maru/Syngro we understand the importance of creating deep, meaningful and effective customer relationships to improve strategic decision making. Syngro Eye empowers you with the customer insight you need to deliver winning customer experiences. We’ve designed (and continue to adapt) Syngro Eye to allow you to:

Get a single view of your customer
Consolidate omni-channel feedback data and integrate it with information from across your organisation to get a single view of your customer.

Create powerful visual insight
Customer experience reporting makes it easier to develop highly configurable dashboards and makes it easy to focus on the customer analytics that matters most to you.

Drive the right actions
Calculate the ways in which your customers, your operations, and your financial performance are all connected to make business decisions with the highest returns.

Interrogate the detail of your data
Access the evidence beneath any interactive data visualisation, so you can understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’.

Access your dashboards anywhere
Our customer experience reporting software is web-based so you and your team can access rich insights wherever you are which can be shared easily with key stakeholders.

Engage, reward and empower employees.
Syngro Eye helps track performance against targets to empower, engage, and reward customer-centric employees.

Watch our video here showing you how you could be looking at your customer data in a matter of minutes and most importantly, how you can improve your business’s overall performance!

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