Posted: 5th January 2018

Customer Experience predictions 2018

The world of Customer Experience is a fast-evolving one. Companies are becoming more agile and concise with their Customer Experience strategies.

However, this year has proven there is still a gap in meeting customers’ expectations and data seems to be at the forefront of C-suite discussions over how to truly understand users and customers.

Purposeful Customer Experience with the ability to understand and act on customer insight are just a few of the topics being discussed to create a more customer-centric 2018. So let’s take a look at this year’s predictions.


The ever-increasing standard of expectations from customers means it is vital for organisations to keep up with increased demands.

Customers compare the service they ‘experience’ with what they ‘expect’ and when it doesn’t match the expectation, a customer experience gap arises.

Unmet customer expectations are resulting in churn. In 2018, customers’ expectations will outpace companies’ ability to evolve or invent experiences, as the gap has already widened in 2017.

Evolving customer expectations will challenge all organisation’s. Continuously improving the quality of Customer Experience reminds us that customers continuously re-evaluate experiences and reassess loyalties.


Advances in machine learning have allowed computer software to analyse customer input and determine customer ’s emotions. These programs can listen in on phone calls, evaluate how a customer is feeling, and feed this information back to the customer service representative on the line in real-time so that the representative can respond accordingly based on that intelligence.

This shift in 2018 will see customer engagement levels focused on feelings, rather than the purchases that customers make.


Customers want more ways to contact companies and this push is only set to increase for 2018. Companies, whilst dealing with an increase in queries to deal with, must come up with a way to combine these omnichannel platforms to get a full 360 view of customers.

Creating transparency via many communication routes is a way to increase loyalty and build trust, but a full overview of customers mustn’t be lost in translation.


It is forecast for 2018 that 10% of transactions will be predicted by CX platforms due to the customer feedback and behaviours. Intelligent platforms will bring together behaviours, emotions and comments and provide rich detail about customers and their spending patterns.

Maru/Syngro has been developing its very own predictive analytics module. This means previous loyalty and financial data will identify customers that are likely to churn or spend less and help you interrogate the reasons why in order to put action plans in to save them.

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