Posted: 1st August 2012

The Essential First Steps for your Customer Experience Programme

1. Set a Goal for the Programme

Many Customer Experience Programmes begin with goals such as “we want to be the best…” or “our goal is to reduce customer churn”. The trouble is, nobody is going to get excited and rally around goals like these.

Your goal needs to be something that if your employees were asked in the pub “what do you do?” can be answered by something a bit more compelling and authentic than “I’m the sales manager”. Not understanding how you are benefiting the greater good of the business is disempowering and inefficient, and doesn’t lead to commitment.

2. Build a Business Case

Customer Experience programmes offer a range of benefits to any company such as reducing Customer churn, increasing average customer spend and significant gains in brand value.  A well-crafted business case will look at the specific benefits for the company and how they will be achieved. This will give the programme the best possible start, demonstrating return on investment from the outset.

3. Know where to start

A short pilot in a specific area of the company should always make up the start of a customer experience programme. The pilot allows the programme to team to identify quick wins which can then be replicated across the company as the programme goes into full roll out. Also, any issues can be identified early and corrected.

Picking the right business area or customer segment for the pilot is essential. The pilot should encompass a sample of customers which will adequately represent the company as a whole. This will allow any findings to scale as the programme rolls out across the company.

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