customer intelligence software

syngro eye- customer intelligence software

Feel empowered with self-service reporting and insightful customer analytics that drives profitable action.

Get a 360° view of the Customer Experience

B2C and B2B businesses can understand customers with holistic views of the critical touchpoints that define your relationship with customers and identify business-critical correlations. Consolidate customer feedback data and overlay it with internal data from across your organisation by integrating Eye into your organisations existing CRM system.

customer intelligence software

Real-time alerts for workflow and performance management

Gain insight and customer intelligence by creating workflow alerts for key people when pre-defined conditions are met for fast, tactical follow-up actions (e.g. tell me when a high value customer gives us an NPS score of less than 6) or create multiple condition alerts to identify patterns and to take strategic action (e.g. tell me when >50 people give me a CE score of <5 in a month). See CX for B2B for account specific methods.

Customisable dashboards and flexible reporting for every role

Create powerful, configurable personalised dashboards and user customised reports to make it easy for every user in any department to create and focus on the information and analytics that matter to them most, effectively managing time and resources.

Advanced analysis functionalities

Our advanced text analysis functionality converts text/qualitative data into scores/quantitative data, so you can analyse it easily. Unlike many customer intelligence tools, Syngro Eye can also compare the sentiment and scores with revenue over time to identify business critical correlations.

Easy and effective performance management

You can monitor your performance against KPIs and targets within your dashboard using purpose-built visual charts and graphs and measure against any data metric, whether CX or financial. This can also be linked to the above workflow alerts.

Case and closed loop management

CX software that can integrate workflow alerts into your organisation’s existing CRM systems for case or closed loop management so you never miss an opportunity.