customer intelligence software

Eye CX for Customer Experience Professionals

Gain real time results to assist account management for quick response time, ease of engagement and seamless experiences.

customer intelligence software

Get a 360° view of the Customer Experience

B2B organisations can struggle to see the big picture  — understand your customers better with holistic views of the critical touchpoints that define your relationship with clients and identify business-critical correlations. Consolidate customer feedback data and overlay it with internal data from across your organisation by integrating Eye CX into your organisations existing CRM system.

Case and Closed Loop Management

We know how important closing the loop is for B2B organisations, so we’ve made it a key part of our software. Integrate workflow alerts for case or closed loop management so your team stay on track never miss an opportunity.

B2B Customer Experience

Unique dashboards and flexible reporting for every role

B2B accounts are complex relationships with numerous stakeholders, contracts, and interactions. Eye CX’s configurable personalised dashboards and user customised reports make it easy for every user in any department to create and focus on the information and analytics that matter to them most, effectively managing time and resources.


Advanced analysis functionalities

Get to the heart of what your customers are saying by using our advanced text analysis to draw out key trends, perform sentiment analysis, associate scores to text, and understand what your customers truly think about your company. Go a step further and analyse your customer feedback with your businesses financial data to predict future financial performance.

customer intelligence software

Real-time workflow alerts

Our tool provides customer insight and business intelligence by creating workflow alerts for key people or groups when pre-defined conditions are met for fast, tactical follow-up actions. For example, tell me when >50 people give me a Customer Effort score of <5 in a month. Alerts can also be used for performance management to reward superhero employees/departments who achieve CX targets.

Empowered workforce and effective Performance Management

Monitor performance against KPIs and targets measured against any data metric, whether CX, financial or operational. This makes performance management easy, with a single platform that coordinates actions across all levels of the B2B organisation to drive leads, win new accounts, retain customers, and increase upsell opportunities.

Our Customer Experience software is the number one self-service reporting, analytics, and performance management tool.