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Eye Trackit for market research data

Make profitable decisions with data you can trust using intuitive market research specific metrics and features to produce valid, reliable results.

Perform Smarter, Quicker

Eye Trackit means you and your team can benefit from quicker innovation, quicker service design turn around and quicker results from data you can trust. Understand how the market research data you collect correlates with the businesses financial performance by overlaying data sets. Change your businesses campaigns on the fly with the ability to overlay feedback data with sales.

Paint Better Pictures Faster

Eye Trackit brings market research data together with your organisations existing data, making it easy for everyone to find, explore, understand and share the analytics that drive the business. Step into a world of quick, real-time, powerful visual insights to understand what’s working and make impactful decisions with absolute confidence with features such as significance testing, top bottom box reporting and sample size.

Work Better With Your Data

Wave goodbye to spending valuable time digging through excel spreadsheets for the results you need by creating powerful visualisations that uncover hidden insights in a matter of minutes. Make your data go further and break down silos by configuring your market research data to suit different individuals and departments to ensure everyone can view the analytics that matter to them most.

Engage, Enlighten and Empower

Start transforming your market research data today to make better decisions and drive profitable action.