Posted: 4th September 2017

The Service Gap Model

Watch your head! Mind the gap!

Sound like familiar warning signs?… Alarmingly, many organisations are ignoring these red flags when it comes to delivering to customer’s expectations. After extensive research into service quality by Parasuraman et al, the research brought to light 5 common themes or ’gaps’ between the organisation’s perception and the customer’s expectation. Here’s a breakdown of those gaps:

Gap 1 – Knowledge Gap

Management perception of what the customer expects in terms of wants and needs are perceived incorrectly.

Gap 2 – Policy Gap

Management perception of consumer’s wants and needs may be accurate, but this knowledge has not been applied to customer driven performance standards.

Gap 3 – Delivery Gap 

This is a common gap for many organisations and it arises when it becomes difficult to maintain standardised quality across all departments.

Gap 4 – Communication Gap

When advertising messages have been exaggerated or consumers have been over promised, compared to the actual delivery of the service.

Gap 5 – Customer Gap

Customer effort becomes too great, and the consumer’s perception of the experience drifts further away from their expectations of the service.

We’ve produced a handy infographic based on The Service Gap Model, to understand in more detail the common gaps being missed by organisations between their perception and the customer’s expectation and most importantly, the solutions on how to close them.

P.S… This infographic follows last month’s very popular paper on how to close the gaps.

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