Customer Experience Training

Learn how you can get the most out of your investment in Eye with our expert customer experience training programme.

Our customer experience training covers:

  • An introduction to who we are and why we want to make organisations customer-centric
  • A high-level overview of the self-service reporting capabilities of  Eye
  • Our Customer Experience training also includes tailored examples of how to best utilise your organisations Customer Experience data
  • Firstly, we gain an understanding of your organisations current reporting design and business requirements
  • A collaborative session is then arranged to discuss reporting requirements and understand how to structure the data before starting to use Syngro Eye
  • The Customer Experience training includes help with making sure the data you have is relevant
  • We provide advice on designing data upload templates to make sure you are prepared every time
  • Part of the Customer experience training includes detailed demonstrations of features and functionality exclusive to key users of  Eye
  • The Maru/Syngro Customer Experience training personnel perform a coaching role to equip the core team in replicating the training programme to deliver to other users across the organisation
  • Modules on the Customer Experience training cover:
    • Dashboards and Widgets
    • Push Reporting and Workflow Triggers
    • Data Upload creation and management
    • Administration
  • We can provide full Customer Experience training and support following any upgrades or changes to the system – all of which are powered by the suggestions by Eye users
  • We run informative webinars, provide online help, offer one-to-one training and offer tutorial videos
  • Optional add-ons are also available and the Customer Experience training team would be happy to show full demonstrations of these