Posted: 2nd February 2018

A third of consumers would rather clean a toilet than talk to customer service

This week we’ve been focused on customer service in the wake of new experiences in the way we shop, interact and provide feedback. In our last post, we argued that innovative experiences such as Amazon Go, makes it difficult to gain rich insight in the form of a real conversation.

An interesting study conducted by Aspect in 2017 revealed that amongst the 1,000 American consumers surveyed, nearly a third would rather clean a toilet than talk to customer service.

When it comes to other channels, the number drops to 35% for social media, 18% for text, 14% for email, 13% for voice, and 11% for in-person support. These statistics show that there are some support channels more favoured than others, but it also shows that customers want minimal effort when it comes to interacting with organisations.  So, how can you ensure you are giving customers the best experience possible?

It is clear that it’s imperative that organisations must ensure their customer service strategy meets the needs of their customer’s engagement preferences. The study suggests that companies willing to embrace integrated omni-channel support and self-service will have a competitive advantage over firms that choose to rely on traditional support channels and technologies.

Adopting the right Customer Experience software will allow you to consolidate omni-channel feedback data to understand which channels are most favoured. An intelligent CX software should also intuitively handle customer experience specific metrics, such as customer effort, which will provide a clear picture on which channel scores best and worse in terms of the amount of effort customers think the interaction was/is. This is the first step in adapting your customer service strategy to fit into the expectations of customers and help understand customers movements and behaviours.

A further step could be to seek verbatim feedback and ask your customers to explain why they scored your customer support services the way they did and how they think it could be improved. Gaining this rich insight will allow for organisations to put processes in place to improve the overall service. Asking for your customers’ opinion also helps them to feel valued. You’d be surprised at the number of customers who would be happy to expand on their experience.

Once you’ve collected this rich data, make sure your CX platform has the ability to interrogate the detail of your data; that is, access the evidence beneath any customer score, so you can understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’.

As a final note, it still remains very true that customers will pay more for better customer service. From the study, 52% of consumers said that they would pay more for “good” customer service while 66% will pay more for “great” customer service. And, an astounding 75% will pay more for “exceptional” customer service. How much more are they willing to pay? Well, 60% will pay 5% more for “great” service, and approximately one-third will pay 10 percent more for “exceptional” service.

Save time and money with an effective, intelligent, customer experience platform that provides rich insight to drive profitable action. We also stand by our positioning that you can only gain rich insight from human interaction, so make sure you are asking your customers questions in order to improve the experience.

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