Posted: 26th June 2017

Webinar reflection: How to create powerful Customer Experience data visualisations

We would like to thank all of you who attended our data visualisations webinar last week and for your positive feedback!

It was clear to us that creating powerful data visualisations is very relevant to organisations and something of great importance to individuals – how do you show the data in an engaging way? I have so much data, where do I start? Could you provide me best practice tips? These were just some of the questions that were asked during the webinar.

Our guest speaker, Aaron Quigley, let us take a step back by asking what we mean by visualisation and how we process different data sets. This academic stance became a launch pad for thinking about the customer experience data specifically that is important and the different ways to present this to make your organisation sit up, listen, and take action.

We held this session for the first time in May and received an overwhelming number of positive responses from attendees, who found the webinar extremely useful and relevant to them, and decided to bring it back in June after many requests.

All attendees voted the webinar very relevant or relevant and 100% also rated our speaker’s knowledge good or excellent which is a very encouraging turn out for us – it is great that we were able to share our knowledge and our audience left with some key take-aways that they can apply to their work.

Interestingly from the poll results, 90% said they don’t have the tools and capabilities to produce powerful data visualisations and almost 50% of respondent’s colleagues are unable to track performance against CX KPIs. You can watch our insightful webinar here, if you are interested in unlocking the secrets to creating brilliantly powerful CX visualisations for your organisation.

Once again, thank you for the support and we look forward to welcoming you to another of our webinars soon!

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