Posted: 26th January 2018

And the winner is…superior customer service

In today’s era of increasing customer churn, where price differentiation is no longer sustainable and customers’ expectations have shifted, customer experience (CX) has become the new battleground. Organisations must put emphasis on differentiating themselves from their competition by providing superior customer service.

Investing in Customer Experience has become a strategic priority and indeed a challenge, for organisations worldwide. The organisations who are getting it right by using customer feedback to guide their processes are reaping the rewards.

Customers hold the key to future financial success—it is vital to understand them. However, if a customer’s experience is consistently poor if they are asked their opinion and subsequently ignored, there is only one outcome:

Quite simply, they will become someone else’s customer.

Customers take a holistic view of the business which they buy from. They do not differentiate between internal functions and the business units responsible for delivering whatever service or product they have purchased. Customers just want results and in the meantime, far too many businesses are unable to answer the simple question:

‘Why do customers leave?’

Companies who fail to listen to customers and assume they have all the answers typically experience end results that, though well-intentioned, are disjointed and ultimately ineffective.

Your organisation must harness Customer Experience in a meaningful way to drive the changes that customers want while improving what they already love.

Our new paper ‘How to compete on Customer Experience’ has 5 key steps to becoming the number one choice by providing the best customer service amongst competitors.

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